Our Story

Syntegrate (verb): to bring together seemingly dissimilar research, insights, ideas, and people to create new value and growth in the marketplace.


At Syntegrate Consulting, our mission is to be an industry leader in the exciting evolution of marketing. Many of the things that worked in the past are no longer working because the pace of complexity in the marketplace is accelerating, making it harder for companies to compete. People expect a lot more from brands today, and from life in general. To be successful in the future of marketing, we believe brands must do more than meet a need through a rational product benefit with supporting attributes. They must now bring emotional meaning to people’s lives by telling a brand story that is a seamless weaving of emotion and product. That’s why we help our clients build brands, strategies, and communications that CONNECT with the humanness of today’s consumer and shoppers, ENGAGE them in your brand story so you INSPIRE them to purchase your brands.


As marketing evolves, so must organizations. This presents senior marketing leaders a set of challenges – internal and external – at both the individual and group levels. We work closely with our clients to help them identify the emotional and behavioral hurdles that need to be overcome so the new thinking is not only adopted, but embedded into the organization’s marketing culture. Just as brands must connect, engage, and inspire, so must organizations with their internal teams and external partners. Syntegrate Consulting wants to be your partner in both evolving your marketing capabilities through our proprietary thinking, processes and tools, but also in overcoming the internal challenges you will face along the way.