Qualitative Research

Thanks to neuroscience, we have a much better understanding of how humans make their decisions. It has been proven that whenever we are faced with a choice, it is our emotional truths related to that choice that are activated first. Because these truths reside in our nonconscious brain, they cannot be accessed via the traditional “facilitated dialogue” used by most methodologies.


Syntegrate Consulting has developed a proprietary methodology called Emotional Trigger Qualitative Research. Our process gets beneath consumers and shoppers’ conscious rationalization of their behaviors to uncover the nonconscious emotional truths that are the real triggers of their consumption and purchase decisions. To do this, we use “facilitated storytelling” because getting people to tell stories is the most effective way to open them emotionally so we can get right to those insightful truths.

What our clients
have to say

“We were desperate to have a deep understanding of what really drives consumers to play our games and shoppers to purchase them. We had used the traditional focus group approach in the past but it only gave us a shallow understanding. We needed something new and that’s exactly what we found with Syntegrate Consulting. Their innovative methodology based on storytelling delivered a depth of emotional insight we had never seen before.”

(Manager – Global Consumer Insights, Hasbro)