Integrated Planning

Today, companies are patchwork quilts of functional silos. Operating as specialists with a deep understanding of their core capabilities, each marketing function makes their contribution to the brand plan using little to no integration with the other functional teams. Meetings are held to facilitate conversation, communication, and even collaboration, but these do not equate to integration. Plans built in silos do not align with the realities and complexities of today’s consumers and shoppers.


We draw a strong distinction between Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and our Syntegrated Planning Process. IMC integrates through a campaign idea while Syntegrated Planning integrates consumer, shopper, and trade plans through strategy and insight. One specific benefit is it pulls the shopper and retailer inputs to the front of the planning process, resulting in strategic initiatives that meet the needs of the consumer, shopper, brand, and key retailers equally. Our deeper level of integration drives inefficiencies out of the process and generates a higher ROMI of the overall marketing budget.


What our clients
have to say

“Working with Syntegrate Consulting opened our eyes to an entirely new way of collaborating internally that offered benefits we never knew existed. This approach to integration helped us prioritize our strategies, resulting in better in-market performance and better spend of our marketing dollars”

(Director of Marketing, Abbott Nutrition)


“As the leader of the Shopper Marketing team, I realized it was time to step out of our silo and start working closely with our brand teams to build better plans. We could not have found a better partner than Syntegrate Consulting. They not only made the process easy, they made it fun. The most surprising part was how much my team contributed to how the brand teams articulated their strategies.”

(Sr. Manager Shopper Marketing, Abbott Nutrition)